Two Steps Forward…

Anneliese Fox
3 min readAug 13, 2022

One step back

Three downy woodpeckers sharing a suet block while two wait their turn. Sometimes you just gotta take a moment to appreciate what is around you. Photo by author.

I’d like to say that I’ve been crazy productive of late. Truth is, I’ve been crazy busy. The two do not equate.

For example, a week and a half ago, I applied an update to a website I manage (one with three users, who use it once a week). Productive? Since doing the update, the site doesn’t work any more and I’ve been working every day since to get it operational. Busy. Not productive.

And so it has gone over the past couple of weeks. Fortunately, I only have this one total wreck to sort out, but there have been more issues than average hitting my desktop of late. Yes, I have been keeping up with them, but they have, on average, taken double the amount of time to resolve than I thought they should.

Is this the curse of a solo-preneur? One who is trying to make this gig a part time operation in favor of other, unrelated projects? Possibly. I’ve been in my own little micro-business for over forty years. Old habits die hard.

They say that a body is resistant to change. It is mighty hard to overcome the fear of the unknown in spite of clear and present miserable. When I have weeks like this, I sit back and ask myself: does what I am doing make sense, or am I doing it to avoid facing my fears of moving forward?



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