The Land of Opportunity

Anneliese Fox
3 min readAug 3, 2022

Time to make it so

hundreds of tiny lights on stakes in a meadow at Longwood Gardens
Longwood Gardens at dusk. photo by author

America has never been perfect. I doubt such a thing is even possible. But that means we shouldn’t try.

In my lifetime, some things have gotten better. Other things have gotten much worse. We live in interesting times. I love the technology, that we can see photos from the surface of Mars, that I can be friends with just about anyone on this planet yet not leave my house. I don’t love the state of the environment, social injustice, the breakdown of the political system, inequalities in education and health care, the accumulation of all wealth at the top.

The problems seem overwhelming. The systems to provide solutions are problematic. What can I, one person, a recluse, do about that?

I can start with my attitude. It’s not so much about rampaging about what is wrong, as it is making things right. We don’t need more destruction, we require construction. I want to believe that we live in the land of opportunity and by our actions make it so.

This isn’t so hard as it seems. We’ve the means to make this work. As I see it, it doesn’t require changing one’s religious or political affiliation (within reason). It shouldn’t affect anyone’s ability to earn a living or love their family. It might even make some of those things easier.

Opportunity is an attitude. We need to believe that we live in the land of opportunity. We need to color our perceptions by that belief.

When we are confronted with a decision, one of the deciding criteria should be how it impacts opportunity. When we choose leaders to make decisions for us, we should evaluate them by how their choices impact the opportunities of all their constituents.

Opportunity is an interesting. It’s easy to think that when I increase my opportunities by limiting the opportunity of others, things improve. Actually, the reverse is true. The more opportunity there is, the more that will be generated, and everything improves.

Opportunity breeds opportunity. But it is fragile. When an individual or a group tries to limit opportunity to enhance their own, they limit their growth at the same time.

Greed is counter-productive. Some institutions and individuals will determine it is in their best interest…



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