I Don’t Do Surveys

Anneliese Fox
3 min readFeb 9, 2022

Neither should you.

Mushrooms on a log
Mushrooms on a log. Image by author.

My opinions are worth more to me than they are to you. Opinions, in my opinion, should not be trod upon, nor commoditized. Nor should they be shared lightly.

So what got me on my soapbox this time? Someone called me on my phone. I don’t know who. I’m sure he’s a nice enough person. His voice sounded nice. But he’d rattled off who he was with, that he was conducting a survey, and was into the first question before I was finished saying “Hello.”

I said, “Excuse me, but I don’t do surveys,” and hung up.

Because. I. Don’t. Do. Surveys.

Neither should you, in my opinion. (You, of course, are entitled to have whatever opinion you want on this matter. I won’t fault you for that.)

Surveys, these days, are big business. Besides giving the poor guy in the call center a job, and making his boss rich, what purpose do they serve? They produce, at best, some statistics. But are those statistics even useful?

Customer satisfaction surveys are among the most contentious. As the customer, I’ve paid you to receive a good or service. But part of that fee is going to be used to ask me if I feel good about the transaction. Firstly, I’d feel better if I wasn’t being charged for nonsense. Secondly, if you, dear Vendor don’t know whether your employees are doing a…



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