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Anneliese Fox
4 min readMay 5

Interesting beats fun most days…

3D printed dragon eggs sitting in crocheted egg cups.
For Easter, I was crocheting egg cups. They turned out way too large for hen’s eggs, but did work for my dragon eggs. Photo by author.

Someone remarked that I was an interesting person the other day. For me, that’s a pretty high complement. I’m not much of a people person. I like having a few good friends. Not as much interested in having lots of casual friends.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind casual friends. And if you and I are in that class, I’m perfectly happy for it. Please understand that I don’t equate good manners with friendship. In my book, everyone deserves to be treated with respect. If for some reason, I don’t like you, I may try to avoid being in your presence, but I’m not going to be rude or nasty (not intentionally, anyway). No one deserves to be treated ill by another.

Besides, despite what someone else may have said, it is less work to be nice to a person than it is to be mean. Try it sometime. You’ll understand.

Mostly, what it comes down to for me is energy. I like people well enough, but I don’t have a lot of energy for them. Put me in a room full of people and in about twenty minutes I’ll be looking for the exit. I might like to be more social than that, but I can’t.

Hell, I can barely stand to be on Facebook more than once a week. And then, it is mostly to lurk.

If you ask a question in a text or an email, it might take a couple of days before I am able to respond. Have patience.

Doctors’ offices are notorious for sending me texts to announce an appointment and then have the audacity of asking me to reply. I almost never get back to them before the original message has expired. I think they need to fix their systems. Just sayin’.

So what do I do with all that time that would otherwise go toward social obligations? Believe me, there are not enough hours in the day for all the things on my list. I like to do lots of things. It is my intention to do everything that I choose well, better than average as a minimum. It turns out, that takes a lot of time.

For example, one of my current interests is pottery. I am a firm believer in more is more when it comes to most things. That means that I will be better at making mugs after making one hundred mugs than I am after making three mugs (assuming I use each iteration to actively improve my skill level). So I have been…

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